I am not a great fan of obsessing over technology in photography. The what and why are much more important and should always take precedence over the how. Otherwise it is easy to achieve technically ‘correct’ images that are lacking message and creativity – whereas truly inspiring pictures lose hardly any of their appeal even if they were made with supposedly inferior equipment. But of course technology does play a substantial role in even being able to create photography in the first place.

» The somewhat old ancient but still good Nikon D70s is frequently suffering “CHA errors”, and these in turn are often caused by failing contacts in the CF card slot. I have created a short instruction page on disassembling the D70s and hopefully fixing the problem. With a little patience and luck this could be all that is needed to restore the camera to working order!

» Sometimes you need to apply the same simple transformation to loads of images. Often this can be achieved using standard tools, but if your needs are a bit more involved it is great to know a few things on the command line.