Privacy Policy

This is the personal website of Stephan Mantler.

Let’s be adults about this.

What personal data I collect and why

None at all, except for the incredibly obvious (if you submit a comment, naturally the name and email address you specify will be stored here).

For the extremely curious, the webserver keeps a temporary log of which pages / media were accessed with a time stamp but it is configured not to save IP addresses and all log files are rotated daily and deleted after 7 days.


Any self respecting modern website is bound to use cookies for an improved browsing experience. I only use them for dynamically adjusting how the site is presented and no data associated with cookies is used for tracking or even stored permanently on the server.

Third parties

I may be using spam prevention services that receive IP addresses and/or other submitted information to prevent abuse or spam.

Additional information

If you have actually read this far, you must be either a GDPR lawyer troll or exceedingly bored.