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  • Reboot

    Time to blow away the old, static and horribly outdated website and do something new. Like, go back to blogging like it’s the 1990’s all over again.

  • Batch processing image collections

    Let me show you how I completed a task that would have taken more than three days of processing in less than six hours, through the magic of command line tools!

  • Race Report: Double Insanity Weekend (4)

    Race Report: Double Insanity Weekend (4)

    Part 4: Ironman Austria As I lined up for the swim start, my strategy was very easy. Take it really, really easy on the swim (basically see it as a recovery swim from yesterday’s Salzkammergut Trophy), stay out of the usual fray and see how everything goes. With a little luck, I hoped to score […]

  • Race Report: Double Insanity Weekend (3)

    Part 3: Back to Klagenfurt I knew that everybody else would be partying and getting together for a great time after the race, but unfortunately I didn’t really have much time for that…